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Better Today

After yesterdays day of a feeling of a great void hanging over me .... today is better.

With the looming threat of the in-laws arriving tomorrow... I manage to clean the house from top to bottom (good thing it's not a big house) I do three loads of washing (it helps that the monster is at creche too) and several other things that have completely escaped my memory now.

Oh yes, I call up Le Theatre in Sommieres to confirm our numbers for Saturday night - it's going to be a rather drunken and funny night... and a chance for once to frock up a little? (even posh restaurants here, people go to in jeans...) I plan to wear my new very high heels shoes that look like Minnie Mouse on acid's been wearing them.

Been reading loads from Riana's blog with her new baby. She is so good with her hands... I'm so jealous. I also like Petite Anglaise

After a trip to the supermarket (I hate having to plan a week of meals when visitors are coming... just far too complicated.) which was a major marathon - I collapsed in a heap.... and submitted an article on Anduze to The Languedoc Page.

'A' had downloaded the most awful film for tonight - Zardoz - with Charlotte Rampling, Sean Connery and John Thornton in it (well, with that cast it can't be all that bad can it?) well, what a load of rubbish... I went to bed after half an hour.

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