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Creche and More Creche

Alicia was back at creche again this morning... a surprise short sharp shower caught us on the way.... so we wimped out and took the car... tut tut.

More fiddling between Microsoft Publisher, Word, PDF Creator and some Linux programs to sort out the problem of moving a Publisher document (an advertising poster) to a Mac machine in Montpellier... in the end a .jpg option and a .doc option weren't too bad would you believe. Anyway, the poster, even though I say so myself, isn't too bad... quite professional.

Anybody tell me why a bag of peanuts on the washing line at my dad's in Leicester attracts millions of birds (and half a dozen squirrels)... and a bad of peanuts here in the Petite Camargue is virtually ignored? Also, did you know there are no grey squirrels in France?

This afternoon we go down to just outside Montpellier - to a Montessori class of English song singing for little ones. It's run by the
PIGS.. and IEAM .. and with Richard running the group - we have a lot of fun... lots of kiddies turn up this week... really nice to see so many. Most of them have one English speaking parents and one French speaking parent. Anyway, he's looking to set up a Montessori school soon in the area which would be great.

Back home to roast vegetable and mozzarella pasta and a small rum and orange juice (Negrita rum bought in Andorra Euro7.90 a bottle! - they have bottles of vodka there for only Euro2.20... goodness know's what it tastes like).

Stargate Atlantis on the telly tonight.... Forgot to watch the Coronation St omnibus at the weekend... have missed all what happened to Tracey ... will have to read up about it on the ITV website.

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