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Getting back in the swing...

We just got back from a week in Andorra on Saturday afternoon and I've been trying to clear my inbox ever since... not to mention the 670 or so spam messages.

We really had fabulous weather there but only just enough snow - 30cm all over. We were staying near Arinsal - a resort that I went to nearly 20 years ago - it's amazing to see how these places change over a period of time, I think I recognised our apartment from back then. Then it was one of only two or three blocks with a fair walk down to the cable car... now it seems all that road is filled with apartments, restaurants and bars.

I was also amazed to see (or rather feel) how different it is in Andorra to France. I keep imagining Andorra to be half Spanish and half French... but really it's all Spanish apart from a smattering of language - for those of us who don't speak Catalan, you'll find more people there speak English than French as a second language... really bizarre. Everything seems to happen a lot quicker too than here in the sleepy Midi.... and such a lot of building work going on.

Still, it's a fascinating and fabulous place to get away to when you live in the South of France. It took us 5 hours to get from the Montpellier area, with just a couple of small breaks to allow a toddler to stretch her legs. We passed the famous Train Jaune which winds it's way up through the Pyrenees and a couple of fantastic looking forts or chateaux too.

We took two peage tunnels which cut down the time, finding after the second tunnel, the scenery had changed some - the poles down each side of the road which showed how deep the (non-existent) snow should be seemed to double in size too. The second tunnel, just as we were coming out, their peage computer broke down - and since checking our banking records, have found that it's charged us Euro5.80 twice!

Read more about the area of Andorra we visited on www.vallnord.com

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