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Horrid Lady

Actually I needn't have panicked - the passarelle class is for kiddies from about 2 and a half years - not the maternelle - inscriptions for that are in May... a couple of months to wait yet.

'A' goes into NImes this morning, on his day off, to go to a breakfast conference on ergonomic websites... whatever they are....

We spend the morning calling around 5 tyre places in Montpellier and Lunel, looking for the best tyres for our Mazda and the Twingo. www.pneus-online.fr was a great website, but the wait for 5 days for delivery was a bit of a worry - we have had a flat tyre and we need to replace it now... just in case we have another catastrophe.
We end up buying the tyres in the nearest place (the Intermarche in Lunel - 'Roady') as they have a deal with Pirelli - buy 1 tyre get the 2nd half price. We're buying six tyres so it's a good deal.... but we still have to wait 5 days for the Mazda tyres... bum.
We buy an aerosol thing to mend the tyre in emergencies... some kind of cement that goes into the inner tube and seals it up...) too technical for me!

We then are off to Ikea for lunch - just before going to the baby shop to return that baby cup I bought last Friday - it's impossible for me or 'A' to drink from... let alone Alicia (it's too hard to suck from). The shop keepers were entirely useless - insisting on testing the cup - the expensive designer name 'Tartine et Chocolat' - should have warned me before I bought it I suppose. Anyway, they fill the cup with water, turn it upside down and say it doesn't leak - Hell, that's not the problem - try to drink from it I say - none of the three girls or one man who are serving us will drink from it - instead still shaking it upside down.... ever feel like hitting someone? I finally insist on changing it for an Avent cup which is nearly Euro2 cheaper - but they wont let me have the change. So granny buys a doudou for Alicia's new cousin - but as it's less then Euro15.24 she can't pay by carte bleue.... arggggh. The moral of this story is, don't buy anything from Autour du Bebe.

Our living room blinds have been missing their string for months - broken with wear - it's been driving me mad. The only good thing about Autour du Bebe is that it's over the road from a sailing shop - Accastillage - a great place for string - Euro5 later we have new blinds! youpi.

Home made Cannelloni for dinner.... made with lots of ricotta... I was covered in stuffing by the time I'd finished it.

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