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PDF's and Iris'

You know, I've spent all day trying to send a publisher document to someone who uses a mac. If I sent it as a .jpg it can print all fuzzy. Normally I send it as a .pdf but for some reason the .pdf making software I've been using for yonks now omits bits of text randomly.
So I downloaded another .pdf making software... which now omits other bits of text... arrgggh. So we're back to .jpgs and actually printing something out, putting it into an envelope and taking it an envelope to our lunch meeting this week. If you have any bright ideas: Answers on a postcard please to.... wendy@frenchhelpservices.com.

Other than that it was Alicia's first day back at creche after her hols... so after a late night last night (timetable all-to-cock after said holiday) she went grumbling to our village creche.... apparently she actually quite enjoyed it and was happy to be met with me, the pushchair and a chunk of cheese to appease her until I got her home for lunch (it's a 5 minute walk but she has a French stomach that won't wait).

She actually goes to the halte garderie section of the creche (ie she goes for just a couple of mornings a week rather than everyday all day) and it's really a bargain... it's based on a percentage of your salary... something like 0.06pc and we end up paying something like Euro11.96 a month. The other week I asked her to stay for another 2 hours and lunch and was charged Euro1.05 - and they are fantastic there. Lunch looks incredible - three courses and cheese - in various stages of mushiness depending on the age of the child and it's all cooked from scratch (you can smell it cooking when you take her in in the morning.)

On the way back we walked by the War Memorial in the village - which was surrounded by pansies and would you believe it - Iris' - beautiful mauve ones... incredible in February.

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