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Accommodation searches short, medium & long term
Help with house purchases (we are not an estate agent, therefore totally without bias)
Help with Utilities - English speaking contacts for all requirements (Banking, Insurance....)
English TV installation - Telephone & internet installations
Holiday Home / Gite Management (15 years experience in the UK Travel Industry)
Making friends - Helping with schools, creches, nannies, shopping, home-making...
We charge an hourly rate or part thereof
Our overall aim? To get you independent as quickly and painlessly as possible
Telling you how it is, no rose-tinted spectacles here.

A really full day...

After the queue for the bathroom this morning, me and Alicia toddle off to Montpellier for my appointment with the doctor at AMETRA. When you are employed in France, you have to have a check up would you believe.
Questions included: do you smoke? do you go to the toilet too much? how are your lungs? do you exercise? BUT no question: how much alcohol do you drink? ... so phew! that's OK then :o)

Then after to IKEA for me and Alicia to eat lunch - the queue was massive and it was only 1215hrs. Alicia's meal for Euro2 included grated carrot starter, chips and meatballs and then a juice box and a fruit compote in a tube.... bargain!

Then to Top Office, to find some glossy printing paper and Alicia was a little monkey running around... and the shop looked like a bomb had hit it (they were moving into new premises) and I couldn't find flaming anything..... (someone helped me in the end...)

Then to Autour de Bebe to buy a non-leaking cup (I don't think they actually exist) for Alicia, who we are fed up of finding lying on puddles of milk or stains of juice down her front. I really don't think much of specialist baby shops in France - they seem to be more for people wanting to buy the matching cot / drawers / wardrobe sets, rather then practical Boots / Mothercare type things.. and they are very expensive.... but sometimes you have to go there to get a good choice of something.

Home to finish the English Directory for www.FrenchHelpServices.com and it's back to Benoit to proof read.

So, Mr H, how many more posts before I get onto the prestigious blog list on www.The-Languedoc-Page.com then?

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