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Sommieres and Sommieres

After going to M. Bricolage for bits for 'A' little DIY job this afternoon - we go to Sommieres for the market - buying cantal cheese and jambon cru. Fougasse au graton bread to eat now and chorizo and Roquefort and walnut bread for later.

Then we go and meet everybody else for a little drink. 'A' and Alicia climb the stairs to the chateau instead, 5 times.

Back home to print off 100 sheets of paper (300 adverts) for the book market (sitting on the floor with the printer as when it prints the second side of the paper, it keeps picking up two sheets at a time, so it's a real pain in the wotnot... and I have to feed the second page by hand.

I eventually find something to wear for tonight - I'm going to be allowed out on the razzlet. BritsNimes has organised a night at Le Theatre in Sommieres. I take the opportunity to dress up, as nowhere else around here can you do that.
We have a really good meal - followed by a theatre show - a drag act - a la Priscilla Queen of the Desert - The people serving (later singing) at the theatre were really nice - very friendly and smiley. I find the show hysterically funny and entertaining - later I'm told that it was actually a serious show (was I that drunk?) Anyway, I enjoyed it.

A friend's been clearing her wardrobes out as she's moving - so I'm given 12 pairs of lovely, nearly new shoes in a big plastic bag to bring home. So imagine the scene - me tiddly, trying to get my key in the front door quietly at 2.30am when the plastic bag breaks all over the pavement - again, this incident is hysterically funny (hey, anything's funny after a bottle of wine or two??)

Alicia loves it the next morning, when she comes downstairs to find the kitchen full of shoes of all different colours, sparkly, high heels - heaven!

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