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Valentines.... ahhhhh

Alicia dropped off at creche this morning - not a peep out of her... good girl.

Then off to Aubais to June's. June has a new Neuf box - which gives her ADSL and free phone calls to just about anywhere, and eventually cable telly (though it hasn't found Aubais quite yet.) Anyway, June tells me over the phone she had red crosses on her screen (eeww, that doesn't sound good) and all her phones ring at once... (eeuww not good either... )

So over to June's I trot for a coffee. We do a little tour of the internet, discuss the red crosses (MSN messenger is turned off, that's all) - show her all the important sites - www.FrenchHelpServices.com - www.BritsNImes.com www.The-Languedoc-Page.com/forum etc and then look at the Neuf box and there's definitely a fault on the Neuf phone line somewhere... the connection is up and down like a yoyo... anyway, June's going to report it.

Back to get Alicia from the creche (I don't know where the time flies) and home to sort out my www.FrenchHelpService.com leaflets (cropping marks were rather difficult to find) - but now it folds beautifully - and work some more on the English Directory for the area.... I then start BritsNimes March newsletter.....

I end up calling SFR to check for a friend if they have Triband, unblocked phones to use in the USA on their fidelity scheme... but no... not possible... all their phones are blocked for the first 6 months... and if you want a triband phone it's another 15000 points on top of the 15000 for the basic phone, plus Euro49 - eeeek.

Then I called 10 estate agents to tell them same friend's house has been sold (she's gone on hols today, so didn't have time)

Then I rushed downstairs and made a Cephalonian meat pie and an fresh orange and almond cake.... then back upstairs into a little black number... found my new black Minnie Mouse shoes (with very high heels) .... then sat down to write this.


Although really feel I've achieved some work today, even though it's been really bitty.

...........Off to check the oven.

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