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Very rainy and just a little fed up

Last visit (we hope) to my old house today, to clear out the cellar (why keep all those empty cardboard boxes? and why don't you throw all the other stuff you don't want straight into the bin eh? (this is about 12 months to the day when we did 5 car trips to the bottle bank mind.) Anyway, the old chest freezer is dead (it would have been alive if there had been electricity... but that's another story) and we need to move it... and it's too heavy to move just the two of us, so we have to bring in very kind friends.

Friends who when they are expected to arrive, call - they have a flat tyre. Changed tyre then doesn't have enough air in it, so they go home and return in another car which isn't big enough to get the tip trip stuff in it, so we put all the rubbish out into the parking area and decide to call the mairie to come to get it rather than try to get it today to the tip.

We get into our car to go home - we now have a flat tyre. This house (and me) is FATED... you hear me? FATED. (Can you tell I've had a good day?) We're all covered in soot from the cellar (especially Alicia who thought it was great fun) when we arrive at friend's house to sit in front of the log fire for a coffee and a good spirited natter (I'm really working on empty here...I've really really had enough.) For those who know me personally, know my new life is just around the corner - so near but so far, it seems right now.

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