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Yummy mummy stuff

It was BritsNimes' restaurant club today - we pick a different resto each month - something different we wouldn't normally stumble into - for a group of about 20 people to try. This month we went to La Datcha - a Russian resto in the middle of Nimes.

After a little bit of a shaky start (lots of people and a very little resto) the food was great and the wine flowed... Euro15 for three courses, incl. wine and coffee - so not bad at all. We had a starter of something a bit like sauerkraut, with an aubergine dip and a borscht type dip, followed by rice and a beef kebab (lovely flavour, then home made blinis with confiture. Then coffee - those who had tea had it served in Russian tea cups - glasses with silver holders (very heavy and very pretty - the owner of the resto said they were made for use on trains - with the handles so that people could carry a few cups together back to their seats....) Alicia had a great time throwing bits of puzzle all over the floor and the little metal paper bits for apericube cheese bits too. Great! (said with sarcasm) Everybody kept saying how lovely she is (she's 2 years, 2 months old) and I'm sitting there feeling frazzled!

Then I venture out into central Nimes, towards the Place l'Horloge to find a jewellery shop where a couple of years ago, a friend bought an Amber necklace for Alicia - and being as Alicia got a new cousin (Florian - a boy) last week we set out to get a pressie for him. The Amber in the necklace is meant to be good at stopping teething pains... and we've found it very good. Plus I think it's a novel present - a bit of a change. Anyway, we found the shop had moved and we dragged all the day down the rue de la Madeleine to the Eglise St Paul (as recommended by previous jewellery shop) to find a funny little Esoteric shop selling the necklaces for Euro20 - where I eventually bought one. Thank goodness.

Today there was another strike in France (don't ask me why, I have no idea.) Just as we arrived at the end of the Blvd Victor Hugo - the bit that goes around the arena - the police decided to block off the road for the manifestation... which sent us on a wild goose chase of the tiny little backroads of Nimes... what a nightmare... especially when the bimbette in front of us hit the back of the car in front of her... which caused even more chaos... and there seemed to be no damage to either car... Arrggghhh.
It took 1 hour to do 30 mins of road home. Bah humbug.

Britain is covered in snow - we have 10C and quite a bit of drizzle.

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