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Ales today

This morning we finally got to take umpteen boxes of books back to our storeage place in Ledignan, as 'A' has been driving around with them in the Twingo since the book market... (he says it wastes petrol) and then onto the Chambre of Commerce in Ales to the first birthday party of www.languedocsun,com where I won two tickets to the forthcoming fashion show in Vauvert www.atoutfil.com and 'A' won two tickets to a grotte near St Ambroix www.grotte-cocaliere.com ... we haven't been to either before... thank you Jacqui and Laurence.

There was also lots of wine from local vineyards to be tasted, included a pitchou (sp?) - a mixture of Cartagene and something slightly fizzy... would be lovely for Christmas. On their leaflet they are also advertising Vin Rouge en aperitif at 10.5 degrees... serve with ice. This is all from the Cave at Massillargues-Atuech www.vin-sud.com a nice English chap (Malc) and his wife work there.

I also picked up a leaflet www.deux-pieds.com which is all about adopting vines in the Languedoc (I must go and read the site now... as I know nothing about it.)

Having pulled a muscle again in my shoulder this morning and still suffering from a runny cold we decide to hotfoot it home before it gets too late... Alicia having drunk loads of banana fruit juice decides to throw up in the car (it was only a little bit, but oh so banana-flavoured)

Pizza from the shop around the corner tonight and oh yes, the Welsh beat us.

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