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Antiquated machine

I go over to French Help Services HQ this morning with Alicia in tow. I acquired a binding machine some time ago - and it's now time to put together the English directory in time for the Book Market this weekend . The machine is very heavy, huge and extremely dusty - and it takes two of us to work out what this thing does - including Benoit making the machine go snap on my fingers... injured, I carry on and in the end we manage a fairly passable phone book. The colours aren't great, so this afternoon I'm off to Top Office to get some new binding combs and clear plastic covers. It's going to be very smart and very useful.. and hopefully a great advertising tool for us.

This afternoon, trying to sort out some personal banking matters (none of which are my fault) with the English section of a local bank - I feel I'm going nowhere fast and am going around in circles. I can definitely confirm, that the reason I work for French Help Services and can actually help people, is that I've been in all the trouble before myself, and have found out who to talk to and how to get out of each and every problem going. I also now know which companies to avoid like the plague.... and it's not so much what you know in France.. it's who you know.
In a couple of months I'm going to write a book about this.... and in a few years time I'm going to laugh about it.

I can also tell you that Robin in the English section of Banque Chaix is extremely helpful and he will be my new banker!

Meanwhile my old banker is impossible to get on the phone - hasn't replied to a fax of 16 December or a recorded delivery letter of 16 January and won't call me back.... and the English section of this bank tell me only this one man (not English speaking) can help me. What's the point in having an English section for English speakers then???

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