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Banks, Neuf & Gitem

I went to open my new bank account/s today in Lunel at Banque Chaix - all went well - learned lots of stuff (do you realise that each time you set up a direct debit with Credit Agricole du Gard they charge Euro13 or with BNP they charge Euro18? - that's just for the pleasure of EDF or France Telecom to take their money when they want...Banque Chaix is free). Also if I want to move money from France to England they only charge something like Euro4 (not Euro29 like another bank does...) Their English section is great and I can ask questions in English over the email and get a reply in no time.

Then to instal a Neuf.fr box in someone's house - their phone line was sounding engaged when you called it, when both FT and Neuf said the line was fine... after some testing of whether there was an electrical supply into the phone line - 'A' found that there was a shortcircuit in the garage box and voila! all worked great.

Then we waited for Gitem to arrive to move the satellite dish at our new Summer home... it turns out the satellite dish is too small (you need a 80cm dish for UK TV) and that the dish is too old now (the plastic on the head is not good in the strong sun here) and that the chimney is listing rather with the weight) - they're going to come back next week with a new digital box, new wire and a new dish. They went away with a lesson on which TV stations are able to be watched in France in English without a subscription and are FREE!

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