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Off to Sommieres market this morning - we only need kiwis and maybe treat ourselves to some strawberries but it's nice to go for a coffee and see friends...

It's not warm... but it is dry when we set off ... not so on our return.... it takes me all afternoon to get warm again.

A couple of things I've forgotten this week:
I found the front of a posh car radio in the street... so I took it to the local cop shop (lost & found kinda thing) - on the way out I thought I might as well ask: did they have a pair of really black sunglasses that I'd lost before Christmas? yes they did... I can't tell you how happy I was... they were prescription lessons and I'd been 'getting by' without them for 3 months... with my old scratched glasses... this has saved me a packed... I was gearing up to buying a new pair this week.

After a day of three calls to my old bank (the ansaphone just says call back later...no chance to leave a message) I manage to get someone to answer the phone to tell me that after a fax to my bankman and all these calls that he is on holiday (when does he work? as he doesn't work on Fridays as it is..) and that a fax sent to the main fax machine in the building, couldn't possibly find it's way to his desk, unless you sent it to his own personal fax machine... Tomorrow I'm going to give in and write to him with a recorded delivery letter again... and then really, yes really, all these problems of mine will be finished with... once and for all. And I can only hope he'll send me a receipt...(don't hold your breath)

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