** Two English Mums with 28 years experience living in France! **
Accommodation searches short, medium & long term
Help with house purchases (we are not an estate agent, therefore totally without bias)
Help with Utilities - English speaking contacts for all requirements (Banking, Insurance....)
English TV installation - Telephone & internet installations
Holiday Home / Gite Management (15 years experience in the UK Travel Industry)
Making friends - Helping with schools, creches, nannies, shopping, home-making...
We charge an hourly rate or part thereof
Our overall aim? To get you independent as quickly and painlessly as possible
Telling you how it is, no rose-tinted spectacles here.


Big day for Bricolage today. But first to put our Mazda (Madame Mazda) in the garage for her fourth tyre to be changed... Then 45 minutes in Monsieur Bricolage... then onto Ledignan to install a new doorstep on a friend's house. It's a beautiful yellow stone cut from some spare from David's house in Sommieres... the colour shows the wood of the old door up beautifully. Very annoyed to have to buy a 25kg bag of sand as we couldn't get any less.... but we end up using over half of it anyway....

Then to Aubais to instal a crafting table in someone's garden... lovely sunshine... and lots of toys for Alicia to play with in Sydney's bedroom...

Home to a huge migraine and horrid answerphone messages from you-know-who.

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