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Finally through to the bank

OK, 5 calls later, I get through to the top dog at the bank. This is after the English section tell me I am in no position to complain (about not getting through on the phone, getting a reply to my fax or the recorded delivery letter) about anything considering my banking history (I can confirm that none of this is actually of my doing.... but that of my soon-to-be-ex-husband) and thankfully the bank chap is very helpful when I finally get through and tells me no problem he can do all the things I want to do (closing accounts and settling all debts) which the English section tell me very primly is absolutely impossible to do on my own. Hmmm. He tells me to send him a letter with a Euro5 timbre fiscale and it'll be all OK. Thank goodness.

I sit on the floor for the rest of the afternoon making English directories - and very satisfying it is too.... that is, until Alicia joins in.

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