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Inscription for the Maternelle

I finally get the head of the local maternelle on the phone this morning.. we've been missing each other. I take a RDV for next week to enrol Alicia, and he tells me I have to take a utility bill and livret de famille to the mairie to be a pre-inscription form to take to him along with the carnet de sante next week (BCG obligatoire). The school system here is beyond me... there's a passarelle thingy that Alicia can go to... it's like a link between the creche and the maternelle (the maternelle sounds just like creche to me anyway.. in terms of playing and reading and singing) and the passarelle is between the two to ease the way as it were.... and then while we were in the mairie, my friend Estelle (her son Tom is in the creche with Alicia) asked if we were going private or to the normal maternelle in our village... and even she didn't know the difference (she's local and French) ... (there are two maternelles in our village of 5000 people.) Don't you think not even 3 yrs old yet is young to start school? even if it is for mornings only???

This morning we all went to Calvisson to get mail for friends, water their plants and let in the man to install a new water softener... it was great to sit in the sun while the water man worked and play in the sand pit there...

We checked in at our local estate agent, to check how much they reckon we would let our house out for... we were smack on with our estimation which was good. They didn't have anything suitable for us to rent. They had a 3 bedroomed villa in Sommieres with a garden for Euro850 a month to give you an idea...

Went to the butcher for some Toulouse sausage to eat with some mash tonight, bought an Annonces Verts (to look for jobs and houses to rent) and Oh, yes I had my eyebrows waxed too... ouch!

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