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Loads to do today

A business meeting this morning at the golf club in Baillargues - next to the international school .... a new English estate agency has set up in Nimes - they are keen to reproduce a networking group for business people in the area - www.French-Scene.com (they already have one in Aude and Pyrenees Orientale) - Benoit & I meet a few new people and a couple of old ones we know already. It's an interesting concept as a business networking thing.... but talk goes onto activities, talks and days out... it's beginning to resemble BritsNimes. Do we need another group?

They are also talking of producing an English magazine for property for the area, including editorial - there is already www.blablablah.org and www.languedocsun.com - OK they are not property mags. I'm interested to follow it more, but really I didn't hear as much new stuff as I would have liked... will think more on this.

'A' has been out DIYing this morning for friends.... Samina's Alicia sitting... we're all back for lunch. Alicia is too tired to go out this afternoon, so me and Samina take a drive down to Aigues Mortes to look around and get some souvenirs for her to take home. After buying some very expensive (but good) nougat for 'A' and some candied oranges (whole slices not matchsticks) dipped in plain chocolate we drive off to Stes Maries de la Mer - we go via the bac sauvage and take the free little car boat over the water there.

I'm telling Samina all about St Sarah and how she arrived in a boat with no oars and the St Maries. We go into the church there and see the statue with the new cloaks that's dunked into the sea each May by the gypsies. It's a lovely place for lunches and very Spanish looking.

Home to see 'A' making Tartiflette for dinner... but straight off out to the BritsNimes.com committee meeting.

Back home at 2330hrs to see the end of the Da Vinci code on DVD.

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