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Sing songs...

Alicia's at creche again this morning... so get a few things done.... the bank, a visit to Chez Vero's in Congenies to delivery the 600 ads for the mail shot for the book market.... and to www.mma.fr insurance to stop the house insurance for my old house.

Alicia comes home shattered and starving as usual... but unusually she goes straight to sleep after a bite of lunch.

It's the sing-song Montessori class near Montpellier this afternoon, but on the way, we go to the Roady garage in Lunel to get the 4 new tyres for the Mazda. It now takes half an hour longer to have them put on than they said on the phone... they also have invoiced me for 3 tyres when I want 4 - so I have to pay for another tyre. So we're going to be late for school. Arrgh.

We take my shoes to have them re-heeled over in the mall of the Intermarche (come back for them tomorrow madame)...

I want to buy two little batteries for my book light (the Intermarche have run out... no, no idea where you can buy them around here... arrgggh) ...

Alicia loses her dummy and chain somewhere in the car park (this is an emergency, buy new psychedelic purple and pink ones bye bye another Euro6 - arrggh) .

.. to kill time we go for a drink, and Samina tips her drink everywhere...

and when we get back to the tyre garage, they've only put 3 tyres on the car as the 4th one has been damaged during delivery... arrgggghhhhhhhhh.

Still, the remaining 20 mins of the sing-song was good.

Pasta with roasted peppers and aubergines for dinner tonight.

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