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A Telling Time...

A lot of things have happened to me over the last year. Today, just something really small brought something to light...

We went to Calvisson market - the first time since December 2005 (we lived in Calvisson caretaking a mas for 4 months - but that's another story) - it's lovely there on a Sunday morning, very buzzy, lots of good food to buy and it's sunny. The little car park behind the Casino supermarket was really full. We waiting patiently behind another car, waiting for the people pulling out to put the kids, dogs, pushchairs etc into the car and go. We saw a spot about to become empty next door to that spot and we still waited. Then a guy from the car behind us gets out, and walks into said spot - he signals that now he has reserved his spot (a la saving a table at the Ikea restaurant) and to move on and find another spot. I immediately see red. 'A' just shrugs and drives on to find another spot.
... his new attitude is that whatever you give out in life, you get back... and so to be nice to everyone...(he's not at all religious by the way..)
.,.. my new attitude is I am fed up of being walked over and I'm not going to keep my mouth shut any more... even if I sound like an English fishwife in a supermarket car park in France.

'Oi' I shout from the car window - we've queued for that space (whatever queueing means in France) - 'well it's taken now, you should do like I do' he said. If it was me driving I would have edged into that space and flattened the old fella against the wall... but all I could say was 'that's not very nice of you at all'. 'A' was more concerned about his tyres being slashed by an OAP after the fact.
... I was fuming.

Coffee with friends in the sun, turned into a crepe in the Crepe Savant resto there...

'A' spends all afternoon when we get back, sorting out the shopping cart for our new downloads for www.FrenchHelpServices.com

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