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Tribunal de Grande Instance

Up at 6am to get into Montpellier for an 8.30am appointment for my divorce at the new court in Montpellier. Taking the car and tram we managed to get to the court for 8.15am even buying a Daily Mail enroute...

There was one appointment set for 8.20am and 6 appointments set for 8.30am - these all pinned to the door of the waiting room (we were down as second..) Outside in the corridor are umpteen lawyers in black robes with silky turned back sleeves and a scarf thrown over their shoulder with white fur trim (I note the men's fur was rather like an old teddy and the lady's fur was definitely new teddy material)... they all complain that the judge is going over all the information with each client is a pain in the wotnot... taking too long.

We are called 4 times before our lawyer actually turns up as she is 'en audience' with another case. We could have been out by 9am. Instead she turns up about 10.30am (typically just as I've gone to the loo she arrives... having sat and crossed my legs for nearly an hour!)

When we are called again, I jump up and head for the door, turn around expecting that ex-hubby-to-be and my lawyer are behind me and the door shuts.... I hadn't realised that I would be on my own.... eeek. I plead 'Englishness' and ask her to say the legal-ese bits slowly and she does. Then ex-hubby's turn... then all three of us (lawyer) together... I don't think I even signed anything... and certainly didn't leave the room with a bit of paper.... the paper will arrive in the post later apparently...

We go and have a lovely Cafe Viennoise on the Comedie... then return home to Granny and Alicia who's been having a lovely time playing and walking around the village this morning.

Sing-song school in the afternoon - Alicia's rather obstinate... refusing to do the hand gestures or singing - and she does them all at home now when we sing alone.

Tonight we had a raclette with Florence and Pierre-Louis her son (she bought an apartment today) and a bottle of champagne. Alicia fell asleep on the sofa.

Feel rather shellshocked....

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