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New Bike

Went with a friend who wanted to get a new bike today - they've moved near the Voie Verte converted railway track in Calvisson ... we went to Culture Velo in Lattes just outside of Montpellier, they were very helpful and they have a great range of bikes and expensive twiddly bits there.

After a quick visit over the road to Toys R Us to get Alicia some new Lego (Duplo, big boxes of loose bricks) - my friend wanted a hoola hoop... so I went and asked... not knowing what they were called in French... I said (in French) have you got any hoola hoops? (blank look) so I continued: they are rings you put around your middle and you do this (imagine me wiggling my bum) .... ah, you mean a hoooooula Hoooooup ??? yes, dimwit that's what I said isn't it??!!! This seems to be the story of my life in France generally...

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