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Satellites and Cats

I go over to a friend's this morning to wait for Gitem to come and instal the new satellite dish - my friend is changing over from CanalSat to free BBC / ITV only channels. They put up a new dish, new cabling throughout (lots) and bring a new digital receiver and it costs Euro317 total. We get Euro75 back from CanalSat for the deposit on the rental of their receiver and don't pay the Euro38 a month subscription to French telly. In my opinion a much better deal.

During this time the official non-resident cat Minou makes a mad dash to get into the house - I keep her out. The Gitem man lets her in. I take 20 mins to get hold of the cat in an enormous house... get scratched... drag her to where I think I can find out where she lives... to find they are out. I know the name of the owner now, but he's not in the phone book - I can't leave her in the house as the owners are away for a long time - hmmm. Anybody know a Canadian guy with a ponytail who drives a Suburban in the Gard? The search continues...

Another note: parking in a small village is a nightmare - the neighbour one side of this house shouts at me the other day (I left my car outside as Alicia was asleep inside and I couldn't very well park her at the end of the hill) and today the other neighbour shouts at the Gitem man....can't they see they have to unload loads of kit???

Highlights and a drastic haircut this afternoon... Alicia comes with me and draws and then falls asleep in her pushchair - she was an angel. The normal conversation starts in the hairdressers: Ah you are English? I love your accent. I was in England in 1952 and the food was awful... is it better now? I don't like stuffed turkey... or jelly. I do like crumble though. My daughter / grand-daughter / dog was in England last Summer and the food was so bad she ate biscuits for a week. Do all English people eat boiled lamb with mint sauce? The weather in England is awful isn't it? foggy all the time. Arrggghh

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