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Sommieres market today - and it's the fete medievale. We get a bit of shopping in... 2 boxes of Garriguette strawberries... one box for me and A and one box for Alicia... and some fruit and veg. for the weekend.

We stop by at the Delice du Liban for a drink and to eat some fougasse... the table was heaving with expats... we manage to beg or steal a table... have a glass or two, and then Miss Muffitt decides she needs excitement.... so off we go up the hillside to the chateau. There are noisy parades going on... medievale musical instruments being tortured on the streets... and loads of knights and wenches walking about... I have video you can see on www.youtube.com - when I figure out how it works I'll post it here.

At the top of Sommieres, there are encampments and lots of dressed up people barbecuing - people come from all over to these re-enactments are they are actually very good at it.. there are even wolves in cages there... some goats and chickens too.

Back down to the now nearly closed up market - to a couple of weeks (hot work walking up hills) and to pass around the strawberries...

Home about 5pm ... I think... too sozzled to remember... and I went to bed.....hmmm.

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