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St Martin de Re

A lazy day for the women today, we sit in the garden reading and playing ball with Alicia. Then eventually take Alicia for a paddle in the sea - she was rather worried by the waves at first, then she refused to get out and was carried kicking and screaming off the beach by me... with all the tourists watching... lovely.

The men go to another plot of land belonging to great-granny on the other side of the village. It was originally her vegetable garden - it's now been surrounded by new villas as it's one of the few areas you are allowed to build on the island.... but now being left to it's own devices, the land is overrun with brambles, bay trees and ivy... all encroaching on the posh Parisian's lovely new villas... and they are not going to be happy.

We take along my industrial-sized strimmer and in the heat A and his dad go in for the attack. In the mean time, A's granny who is 87 yrs old, does 3 turns of the village with an axe, a grim-reapers sized scythe and other garden tools, on a bike with no brakes (she uses her feet to brake)... she's amazing.

5pm and we go to St Martin de Re for a walk, a look in the trendy shops and Alicia gets a go or two on the carousel there... she actually won a turn (very long turns they were too - felt sick by the time I got off) by catching a pink panther toy on a rope dangled in front of her. Then a beer in the port after watching the donkeys that wear trousers give the kids a turn around the port. I just love those donkeys.

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