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All over the shop

Got loads done today... including a nice coffee with our Swiss neighbours in Marsillargues who are here on holiday - they come here for 2 months a year... enjoying their little 2 bedroomed house with courtyard...

We have to visit the Cop Shop in Marsillargues today - my carte grise for my little Twingo needs changing as the address is now wrong - it'll mean changing my number plates from 30 to 34's - as per usual, we are missing 2 vital bits of paper (the difficulty being is that there are no utility bills in my name so it's difficult to prove that I actually live in Marsillargues....) (did you know that the French can more or less travel around the world on an EDF bill??? joke!) so a copy of A's ID card - a letter from him saying I live with him and our health insurance paper is required. I return at 2pm to give them the papers and they are not back from lunch yet - I have to come back again at 2.30pm - tough life being a copper in a village in the South of France eh?

A has his hair cut.... and then we're off to the maison de la justice in Lunel to get some free legal advice... A is having problems with his boss who seems to be incapable of paying him on time or the right amount and to top it all, takes holiday time off him when he hasn't been on holiday. The lawyer is a dead loss in the end (us having waited 50 mins to see her even though we had a RDV) as she knows nothing about employment law - but we do now know the name of a lawyer in Montpellier who does know about it... so off to contact him. We also have the forms to apply for aide juridictionelle which is handy should we need it too.

We were also early for our appointment in Lunel - so A buys some new sunglasses - we have to be 'buzzed' into the shop and all the glasses are on electric 'lockers' - looks like it has a lot of 'problems' there!! But we do get to see all the little back streets of Lunel which are a great surprise - they are rather nice... the main roads in Lunel are horrid! I found a lovely little toy shop that I might return to...

Here's a picture of Alicia learning to drive in the car park of the Abbey in Beaucaire.

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