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Another one of those days

I'll do this backwards as that's the way I've uploaded the photos...

Well tonight I drag myself all the way to Ledignan to do the final signing of a house there - the clients have asked that I meet them at the house to check all is well there after the recent storms - no problem and I do that.... I give the house a once over and check the electric and water meter readings and open all the windows and doors for an airing (next door's cat arrives and makes itself comfy... I have visions of it being locked in for two weeks until the new people move in).

Anyway, after an hour sitting in the notaire's office (we don't get to see the notaire as he's running late and it's 6.15pm by now - so a lowly clerk deals with us), where it's all gone swimmingly, I come out and find my car's been bashed... The chap in the car next-to scoots across to his passenger seat and tells me that it was a client of my notaire who arrived at 6.15pm and was driving a grey Mercedes with '34' plates... I go back into the office, where the clerk calls the person they think it was, so says no actually we were driving a Citroen Saxo... and there the trail ends.

The guy in the car next to mine now refuses to give me his contact details... and it's such a small bash (there is a scratch on the wheel arch too) what can I do?? bloody people in great big Mercedes with too much money and no manners!

This morning we get the apartment next to our current home a sort out as we have a client arriving for a month tomorrow - adding fruit and flowers - it's a lovely sunny studio with a mezzanine and a terrace.

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