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Aquarium in Grau du Roi

'A' breakfasts and disappears this morning... I find him on the computer doing CV's and job applications - best to leave him in peace.

I slop around in my PJ's most of the morning - I make banana and choc-chip muffins and a huge pot of coffee and then decide we need to get out of the house...

Having sorted
a huge box of tourist leaflets out yesterday - I search through the pile of 'Kid Friendly' ones and find a trip to the Petit Paradis in Vendargues (been there before, but worth the visit) the Prehistoric Place in Meze (bit far and a bit highbrow yet for Alicia, 30 months) and then Seaquarium in Grau du Roi (have avoided until now as have been disappointed in other aquariums in the area) - but it's only 20 mins or so down the road - so hey... why not?

It was actually quite good - everything in English and French (I still don't know the difference between a foch and an otari.. not
even sure I spelled them right..Sealions & something else perhaps??) - lots of educational stuff (loads of computers to play with everywhere) and lots of things to touch and play with for small kids - all things are at Alicia's height too. Entry price Euro9.90 an adult. Under 5's free.

Just as Alicia is getting really tired, we decide to pop h
er in the pushchair for a walk along the front - it's quite nice, then the wind picks up and we start picking sand out of our teeth - we turn down a side street

in search of an ice cream and find all the tourists sheltered from the sand storm.... it was murder.... two banana splits later (Alicia doesn't like ice cream much - just playing with t
he sparkling things stuck in the top) we feel much better and wend our way home - getting stuck in traffic in Aigues Mortes.

1.One of us looking like we are something in a Harry Potter movie.
2. Me and Alicia in a tube full of jelly fish.
3. An old friend.
4. Another old friend.
5. No idea who they are.

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