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Off to Salinelles today to enrol a 4yr old little girl in the maternelle school - for this you go to the mairie with your livret de famille (or birth certificate), your vaccinations and proof that you have an address in that commune.

Then when you get there they ask you half a dozen more questions that you didn't know they wanted (even though you've called twice before and even then they didn't say they wanted 2 photos too...) Then, you have to take the papers yourself to the school - tell me, why doesn't the school fill in the 2 very easy pages of info?

Then to Gitem in Sommieres to return a Canalsat box - well I've returned the box before, but I was missing the phone cable and peritel socket thingy... again, it doesn't say anywhere you need to return these - it takes a week to find the phone cord and when I go back to Gitem they've already sent the box back and sent off my piece of paper too. It'll be a miracle if our Euro75 refund comes back I reckon. Arggh.

All this takes place as I stand like a wet lettuce in Gitem as somebody poddles about ignoring me, then a guy arrives (he's been to the chemist he tells me) and then serves me. He can't help me, but his colleague (who is still at the chemist) can and can I wait? Arrggh.

Sometimes it feels like I spend most of my life dealing with 2 year olds....

Speaking of 2 year olds... Alicia has been up to no good. The house we are staying in at the moment is sometimes rented as a gite... and in one of the bathrooms there is an emergency basket of things you might need... Alicia loves this basket. I came into the bedroom this week to find 20 tampax now sans applicators and paper wrapping, scattered all over the bed and floor.... cute little mice eh?

Today, I find 200 cotton buds all over the bed, in the bedside cabinet and all over the floor and thoughtfully mixed with the contents of a box of matches.

All this on top of trying to toilet train her... we've got through 3 pairs of little purple pants with glittery bits today because of 'accidents' and she's way too stubborn to sit on the potty every hour or so.... I must be losing weight at an awesome pace right now with all the running up and down the stairs...

I have ordered my travel potty and Gina Ford books on Toddlers on Amazon.co.uk too now.... see I'm working on my '2 yr old situation'. Don't let anyone tell you a newborn baby is hard work... a 2 yr old is worse... or to be exact she is 30 months old today.

And why does www.youtube.com work on some videos and not others? I'm frustrated can you tell? And their help section is rubbish.

Off out on a girly night tonight... I need a Margarita! or three. Off to the shower.

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