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Flash flash

We went to the creche today - we don't normally go on a Thursday but it was the time when the school photographer comes around.... I was the only mummy who turned up, and I felt rather stupid.... i.e. nobody who comes to the creche on any other day than a Thursday bothered to bring their kid to be photographed... I really just wanted a photo of Alicia as a part of the creche.

The photographer was really impressive... being surrounded by 20-odd 2 year olds... he'd got bubbles all set up - tied to his flash-umbrella-thingy-setup to amuse the kids with... and a feather duster... which he jiggled at each child, then blew bubbles and then photographed each one smart-ish. Then they did the group photo... and 3 kids screamed all the way through... so somehow, I don't think that photo is going to be worth buying. And another thing - the photographer used film and not digital - how weird is that?

Last night it bucketed it down... thunder and lightening - I even took a torch to bed with me just in case the electricity gave up the ghost... and of course, unplugged the computer.

Here in the heights of Aubais we got quite a view of the forked lightening. Also Aubais has got a great drainage system in the streets - little rivers are cut into each side of the road - the hills are quite something here... and there are little bridges into each house - some of the drains actually go under some of the houses too. Aubais is a lovely little village, but there is no parking... we have to park quite some distance (OK I'm lazy and used to parking outside of the house) and walk up the hill - no mean feat with 6 shopping bags and a toddler...

BritsNimes tonight starts it's Wine Bar Night again ... it's in www.AubaisMema.com just 2 minutes walk away.. however, it's still bucketing it down - Alicia insists on walking in her wellies (this slows us down and we just get wetter...) and it's pitch black on the way back too. The bar now refurbished is lovely - there is a non-smoking resto - but the bar seems to have no air-cleaning system and it's just unbearably smoky there.....(it was before too), however, I do think Euro15 or Euro20 for a bottle of wine is going some... especially because around you here you can get lunch for 2 for that kind of money... ho hum.

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