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New Bike

'A' goes and gets new tyres for the Twingo this morning from the Roady shop - and new lights and wotnot... have been putting this off for ages - we never get around to it... it seems too complicated to do all the time. 2 tyres Euro100!

Then to Montpellier to get Alicia's new tricycle.. second hand from a friend there - bargain! Alicia was rather shy to try in front of the chap selling it but as soon as we were out of the door - there was no stopping her.... all the way down to the Esplanade de l'Europe in the Antigone for A to have a look at Benoit's (my boss) computer which has to have a few tweaks to make it talk to the fax machine and to his
laptop and so on.

Then back to the tram and down to www.homebox.fr to put a few things in storage and then back to pick up a friend from Ikea - we have to stop ther
e for a cup of tea and a cake (well 3 cakes, OK?) and Alicia gets to play in the 'cage' there... which have been updated since the last time we were there...

Got home and had a pizza from the Lou Cigalou shop in Aubais - they're very good (not feu de bois I don't think).... Alicia gets on the sofa at 7pm (she's missed her dodo this afternoon) and falls asleep - misses dinner and eventually at gone 10pm we put her in bed.. and she sleeps until 7.30am the next morning. Think we'll buy her a new bike everyday!

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