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Nimes Feria

An interesting day today...

I'm toddling down the stairs and 'A' says - have you looked out of the window? Some joker in the middle of the night has taken the hugest of our plant pots (stainless steel and containing a Tuscan Cyprus and some begonias) and moved it to the kitchen windowsill. The Basil and Thyme from the beautiful blue enamelled pot are in the middle of the road (I later find the pot 5 doors up the road) and the three begonias from the living room window are pulled up and dumped on the windowsill and the pots are 3 doors down the road. I suppose it's someone on their way home from the Feria, drunk and in need of some fun (I don't think we were the only ones hit). We didn't hear anything in the night at all. The Basil is a little peeky but the rest
is sal

I lean out of the living room window to two older ladies walking up with their daily baguette and say in my best French... have you seen anybody else with pot problems? The woman stutters back and I realise she's not French... she's English and staying with friends down the road... (funny thing is she thinks I'm French... hey, my accent must be coming along!!)

3pm and we set off for the Feria in Nimes - parking at the Stade des Costieres and using their free shuttle bus - the wind is icy!! and we spend the day sheltering behind walls / trees / people.

First stop, the South American dancing demonstrations... which then turns into Argentinian Tango - it all looks so elegant... and some of the men are so dapper!

We walk through the centre of Nimes to the Carre d'Art for a glass of champagne on their terrace (really the place to he seen - cheap to eat lunchtimes during the week and good... ) and then past the Jardin de Fontaines to find the horse demonstrations...

After a baguette filled with hot Jambon de Bayonne at the cafe next to the Arena (and a warming glass of sangria followed by a warming cup of coffee) we walk down to the rue de la Republique to watch the Abrivado (taking the bulls home) - which was really an experience....

I have to say the type of people at the Feria changed as soon as you arrived next to the
Abrivado.... if you were drunk, wearing tracky bottoms, 15 yrs and smoking you just about fit in. It was interesting to see, but I don't think I'll bother again. Poor bulls - they were definitely the superior intelligence here.

Coming soon: video of the running bulls - as soon as I've figured out www.youtube.com which seems to accept some of my videos and not others.

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