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Resto Club

BritsNimes restaurant club (now no longer called the restaurant review club as people are worried about having to write a review afterwards - as if!!) goes to Sommieres today to Les Delices du Liban run by Elie (in the market square / 3 pl Dax, Tel 04 66 71 60 20 for reservations.) and it was absolutely fab.

Elie really went over the top with a very generous starter - a mixture of lots of starters to pick from - incl. dolmades, and hummus, and at least 6 other plates of very tasty salads I don't know the names of .. and some falafel type things.

Then a filo pastry encased chicken mixture covered in pistachios with a green side salad. A mixture of Lebanese sweets to finish with a coffee. Really tasty - I've never eaten Lebanese food before (apart from Elie's market stall's pancakes on the Saturday market in Sommieres) ... and I was really impressed. Elie also has a delicatessen at 17 quai Cleon Griolet in Sommieres. Worth a visit.

If anybody's worried about overly spicy stuff.. don't worry - it's nice seasoned without being piquant... just right.

Dragged ourselves home and I managed to tidy my desk and A took a glance or two at our tax returns that need doing by the end of the month.... ugggh.

** Dear Mr H (and everybody who is reading) I've now updated my blog going back to 15th April... so please dig back into the archives **

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