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Steamy bank holiday

A great start to the day today... Alicia gets so worked up very first thing this morning, she actually throws up halfway through me dressing her... brill. Even over a pair of trousers she's never even worn yet... arrggh. It's all so bad I just run a bath and put her in it.

Never mind, the rest of the day is going to be relaxing... a group of us girls are going to Ganges for a hammam and massage. But first lunch in the Remparts restaurant in Laroque - moules frites for some, filet mignon for others... I push the boat out and have burger and fries... oh, and profiteroles.

It's a great resto to go to in the height of the Summer - for two reasons.

1. They run water over the top of the awning to cool you down when it's hot, hot, hot.
2. It's right on a weir on the river Herault, on which loads of tourists go kayaking - get stuck on the weir - eventually shove themselves over and then capsize... very entertaining...

2pm and we're queuing up to pay our Euro35.50 for our hammam, savon noir, exfoliation glove, exfoliation and then massage with argan oil. After donning our bikinis, we alternative between the steamy room and the shower. The room just off that has lots of little showers and a tiled massage table.
We are exfoliated (gommage in French) with this sandpaper glove to within an inch of our lives (not for the faint hearted) after we've cleaned ourselves off with the savon noir which leaves us squeaky clean.

Then after this a relaxing massage (eat an orange while you are waiting) with two girls and the oil. Finally, a glass of mint tea and some Moroccan pastries... delicious.

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