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Help with Utilities - English speaking contacts for all requirements (Banking, Insurance....)
English TV installation - Telephone & internet installations
Holiday Home / Gite Management (15 years experience in the UK Travel Industry)
Making friends - Helping with schools, creches, nannies, shopping, home-making...
We charge an hourly rate or part thereof
Our overall aim? To get you independent as quickly and painlessly as possible
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Eyes All Over The Keyboard

Yay! creche today and Alicia had a dry bum all morning and went on the little toilet there like all the other girls and boys.....

Boo! Big betise of the day (Alicia's not mine, keep up!): In a pack of Duplo Lego we have, one that you can make animals and dinosaurs and stuff out of - it has a sheet of sticky 'eyes' for your animals. But I turn my back for a moment, and she's been sticking the eyes on my computer keyboard... one on each letter. And where have all these chocolate paw prints come from that are on my keyboard too???

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