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Biking to Junas & Fathers Day

Think this is a rather useful site when you are struggling to write a letter in French: http://www.lettres-utiles.com/

Yes, the builder is here again
today - luckily the sun isn't beating down and there is a nice breeze (please don't let it rain at this rather delicate moment - roof half on and half off.) I can see we'll have a bit of work to do on the garden after they've gone...

It's Father's Day today and Alicia presents 'A' with his cadeau - very proud she is. She's made it at creche - not sure
what it is.. a bookmark? something to hang up?

We wander down to Josette's (she's the local grocer / come everything shop in the village) - as everybody's recommended her - and yes it does look like she's got everything... we couldn't face a trip to Calvisson market today - too many people and too hot and sticky. Somebody has beaten me to the one copy of the 'Express' in the tabac today too - can't say I'm too worried (BTW, they have one copy of Time magazine there too. Surprisingly, lots of copies of French News and Connexion though... why?

Alicia takes an early dodo today so we can get on the bikes by 4pm and try and get to the Roque d'Aubais by following the yellow signs from the bottom of the village.
After 'A' fell last time - Alicia is really w
hingy (poor kid) and whimpers constantly 'Don't fall papa' all the way (drives 'A' totally nuts - but serves him right he should be more careful!! ) - the road is just too bumpy, so we give up... and we take the route de Junas instead... to find the quarry. (Unfortunately all the links to the quarry are something to do with the Junas Club that meets there...)

After a play around the quarry - lots of climbing, she is much happier and we don't hear another peep out of her (regarding falling that is) - she constantly points out butterflies, windmills, donkeys & horses and dogs... oh and poppies instead.

Me and Alicia take a bath together and then we all have pizza for dinner. Exhausted.

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