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Busy busy busy

Well, my chap to paint the bathroom doesn't show this morning... (great start...) he does call and will be here Thursday....

I call a client's plumber today - the house I'm talking about has now been sold - but the plumber has billed the previous owner (our client) for 2 days work... 1 day we agreed to and the other we didn't (and at that time he did the work, didn't own the house...) humph.... I'm not having that. The bill is extortionate. In my opinion the plumber is in rather a sticky situation... in the end the new owner admits to his error (him telling the plumber to bill the whole thing to the old owner) and Euro300 is knocked off the bill. Cheeky hounds the lot of them.

Next job today is to find out about a new starters day (for a 12 yr old) at a college near here... the clients won't be here until August so it's been missed... I'm going to pop in and get the list of books and stuff he needs..... perhaps find out about computer clubs and maybe find a friend for him nearby or in their new village. The school closes completely on 10th July.... the next time they'll be somebody there will be around 28th August.

What else? ....lots of calls to agents for a housesearch... it's so difficult to pin down agents - being out on the road all the time. There are hugely varying degrees of attentiveness from them too. Some way too much... and too pushy... and some completely indifferent as to whether they want to sell something or not.

I upload some video originally on youtube.com into Google video - going to see if the quality varies greatly - googlevideo is much quicker and less fiddly.

Photo from yesterday on the train....

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