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Courses, Shutters and Beer

Up half an hour earlier than usual today 'A' is off to St Jean de Vedas to spend the morning learning about how to do a Bilan de Competance - it's a 24 hour long course, where they somehow find out what kind of job you are ideal for and tell you how you can get on a 'formation' - like a college course to get a paper qualification. He finds it very interesting and comes home with all the relevant papers (hey, this is France - paperwork has to be included big-time somewhere!)

In the mean time I'm on the telephone to estate agents everywhere between here, Pezenas and right up to Beaumes de Venise this morning. At one point when I was on the other line the phone rings downstairs and Alicia answers it (hmmm, this is a new game) - the agent who is calling me back thinks this is very funny and asks if she is my secretary! (Alicia was busy asking if it was granny on the phone...).

'A' spends over an hour painting one window shutter light blue this afternoon (I remember painting 9 shutters sage green all too vividly on my old house just over a year ago - taking two weekends.. including drying... in the freezing cold wind in February.... ooh, bad memories.)

Then we get an emergency call from Montpellier - a friend needs a handy man to come mend a leaky loo and get some bolts off a door.. so we decide to combine it with an evening eating out for a change and go to the 3 Brasseurs at the Odysseum - that's the end of the tram line in Montpellier. Wow, they have good beer there - and it's very kid friendly (crayons, colouring book and high chair supplied.)

We also got to use the travel potty - but for some reason Alicia decided she was too shy to use it in anybody's view - so we go to to the toilet and peep around the door until she was finished... Blimey, 2 going on 13 or what?

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