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Everything smells of paint...

I know I'm well behind with this - so a quick word to all my (very few) avid readers - whoever you are. Actually I know one of them - thank you Craig for the mention.

The whole house smells of paint today. The shutters in the living room have been re-painted Provencal blue (a small person came along and tipped over a pot of white spirit too). The studio bathroom is being painted soleil-cream and the study (yes right above my head) the ceiling is being painted white. I have two men on the job if you are wondering who it is doing all this artistic (not) stuff.... while I'm slaving away over a hot phone and even hotter keyboard.

FHS is really buzzing right now - we're rushed off our feet (enjoyably so though thank goodness). Today has included: Benoit sorting out an emergency gas leak in Montpellier (I made the first phone call and the GDF even called out the fire service would you believe!!) - another house without gas in Montpellier - a student looking for accommodation for the September term in Montpellier too (really Montpellier is the place to be.)

I've been sorting bank accounts in Lunel (the bank manager greets me like an old friend now - and not for the wrong reasons!), and trying to prove an address for a carte grise to the police station (who pass it onto the prefecture) - and doing a house search from Anduze to Pezenas and then right over to Beaumes de Venise. (my head is spinning, but it could be those paint fumes!)

Kiki and Delphine came over for a play date this afternoon which was nice.... Alicia and her laugh like drains.....

Fancied take out pizza tonight from the village shop - but although they are meant to be open on a Thursday - they aren't answering the phone - it drives me nuts when the whole shop shuts without replacing the staff when someone is off on holiday... arrgggh.

This is a picture of the Auberge du Pont Romaine in Sommieres on the night of the Fete de la Musique.

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