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Friday And That Blasted Post Office Again

So I traipse back to the post office again today - I would wait but I've waited for this parcel for a little while - like an idiot I posted it to my sister's house (originally I was going to order my toddler books and portable potty from Boots who don't post to France) and I had some sort of brainstorm and posted an Amazon.co.uk parcel to my sister's for her to forward (what a dimwit!) Amazon are quite capable of posting to France.

After waiting for 10 people before me, including one who wanted to look at all the 'pretty' stamps in the shop before she decided which ones to buy - the parcel I am handed is suspiciously light for 3 books and a potty, plus spare bags. I open it feverishly (don't you love parcels?) in the car and realise that somewhere between the UK and FR the bottom has dropped out of the parcel and La Poste have 'expertly' stuck it back together again with 3cms of scotch... argggh. Never mind, I've sorted it all now and have re-ordered (incidentally I've decided to do without the Gina Ford's Potty Training in a week as we think we might have cracked that one (speaking too soon aren't I?)

This afternoon consists of us playing Badminton in the courtyard - I haven't played in yonks. Eating delicious sandwiches made with specially sliced bread from the boulangerie down the road.... and reading Harry Potter VI again.

A major nap (dodo) later (hard to have I have to say as someone was skateboarding in the courtyard which is directly under the bedroom....)

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