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Mothers Day

No chance of a trip to a resto today... or flowers or chocs... so I plump for a trip to the beach at Grau du Roi ('A' hates going...) .. Alicia's been hankering to go again after April on the Ile de Re.

After a dodgy forecast from Meteofrance yet again - we turn up there at 10am to find clouds and a wind - which admittedly gets less... but it ain't great. Anyway, we do the usual stuff on the beach and have a lovely time.

Back home for a quiche with Beaufort cheese lunch... somebody decides she really doesn't want a dodo... so we persuade 'A' to 'hoover' the courtyard (got a great machine that sucks up all the bamboo leaves instead of having to brush the floor) and then we tidy up the huge cupboard that's a bit of a nightmare in the living room.... it's lovely to cross that off my to-do list. It was a bit quicker to do that the much smaller book cupboard I did this week... I kept stopping to read the books... tut tut.

Still feeling energetic we take the bikes out for a ride on the Voie Verte towards Junas to have a look at the dis-used quarry there... which ends up having Junas' fete going on... more bull stuff. On the way 'A' falls off his bike into a muddy puddle (Alicia holds onto her seat on the back of his bike for grim death) ... and then later on in the quarry he tries a too steep a path and falls off again... Alicia is very brave.... even with a grazed finger poor love. 13kms later we are home... getting lost AGAIN on the way home (please note Alicia's face on this piccie.)

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