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The usual slog of supermarket & creche this morning - only 'A' came along as well (grace of his boss throwing his toys out of the pram last night...)

A very quick 2 minutes pack while 'A' makes a salady lunch for everyone and then we're off 10 minutes down the road to puppy-sit for just over 24 hours.
NB We are open to puppy-sitting from anyone who is in possession of a nice house / internet connection / English telly / pool & fixed phone line (sheepish grin) . You can email me offers any time you like.

There's been a bit of a breeze for a day... so the pool temperature dropped to 25C and Alicia wasn't so keen after dipping in her toes (I went in up to my waist!) So we all just snoozed by the pool instead... me starting to read my Gina Ford's book on taming toddlers and The Woman in the Fifth by Douglas Kennedy.

We tried to follow the path up to the Oppidum tonight with the hounds... but got rather lost and ended up in a wood full of cob webs and got lost again... a fantastic place to walk though.

'A' sits up straight at 2am - there are burglars in the house... in fact the 2 pooches have managed to get upstairs... I bring them down again.

5.35am and the most horrendous racket... the dogs are now in the kitchen bin - chewing on a lardon packet and a goat's cheese wooden container. Hmm a suitable flea in their ears and back to bed....

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Marci B. said...

What an adventure! I hope the dogs were cute, at least. Sounds like you have a lot of fun over there! Take care and good luck :)