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Another Resto so soon?

We're rather behind with the restaurant club reservation for this month - it never ceases to amaze me that restaurants around here can afford to turn away 20 bums on seats ... I called a resto in Sanilhac a few weeks ago, explained what I wanted (3 courses, coffee & wine for 20 people) - they promised to email me the menu, I've called twice more and heard nothing.

Today I call the Micocoulier resto in Sauve and have discussed the menu and booked it in 10 minutes - their menu is normally Euro18 pp and they are throwing in the wine and coffee for us. We're going with www.BritsNimes.com on Thurs 12th at midi, if you fancy...

Just gearing up for clients in the gite here this weekend... installing a telephone for them. 'A' also sets up the fax for the house, so it receives automatically without having to stand by it... and then he glues all the wires (spaghetti junction) into place around door frames and so on... making it all neat.

The builder should be finished tonight.... phew!

I've called the Tamtam office in Montpellier to find out about resident's parking permits.... I couldn't find anything on any website anywhere.. which I thought was rather strange. Generally, you park on the yellow residents parking boxes and pay Euro25 a month or Euro1.30 a day... and you need a parking card in your car window.

Also Montpellier has got a great new way of renting cars look here: www.modulauto.net - it's great if you live in the centre of Montpellier and just need a car occasionally.

Not sure if 'A''s job situation is any better.. he's spoken to the directeur du travail now and joined the CGT (1pc of your salary a month...) - he starts his bilan de competance in September...

I haven't been out all day. Just done a few resched's on the Homesearch itinerary for the client tomorrow... sat in the bath for a bit and read loads of Angels and Demons...bit of a lazy day.

BritsNimes Aubais Wine Bar night tonight... might pop out for a small one...

OK, have now updated the Blog from last Sunday - so please go all the way back and read and check out the photos.

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