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'A's' Birthday today

I am so exhausted with walking two labradors twice a day and then swimming in the pool and running around with all the clients we have at the moment.. but you know, it's a good exhaustion... if you know what I mean.... It's fun anyhow.

After a multitude of phone calls this morning... from calling a mairie to find out why a house has two water bills (this is the third time I've called... it can't be such a difficult question can it?) to chasing some absent estate agents... to calling through numbers for BritsNimes resto club tomorrow which is at the Micocoulier resto in Sauve... Euro18 for 3 courses incl wine and coffee.... and setting up RDVs to sort out someone's phones and computers...and finding out when Harry Potter is on in Montpellier... (Capitol Diagonale 1400 1640hrs and 2100hrs every day this week).... and setting up a second visit for a client to see a house in the Vaucluse..... and also finding out what commerce there is in this village in the Vaucluse... and if there is a lot of crime there... and asking two new estate agents to take on a house that's not selling.,... heck what a full morning.

After walking the dogs and doing loads of washing we all go into Nimes to get Grannys' birthday pres for 'A' and then meet 'A' for lunch... Ravioli with basil and then ice cream... and a beer... yum

Back home after and I make a Winnie the Pooh shaped cake for 'A' and cover it with chocolate and 4 candles (he's 35 today!)... champagne and cake as soon as he gets home to open his pressies. Alicia blows out all the candles (plenty of spit) and sings Happy Birthday all the way through...

After a good swim... during which we all shreek so much that Harry the lab jumps the fence by the pool to join in.... we have pork chops from the BBQ and pasta... yum again.

Funny point of today: Harry the black lab sitting on the grass when the automatic watering system started up.... deary me.

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