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Bikes finally

We did manage the bikes today... and did 22kms between here and Junas Quarry. But not before the gite clients I've been looking after have a family emergency and have to go home smartish.

Lucky we went around... as they'd manage to go home without locking up and left all the lights on and left the keys where anybody could have got them... and I don't know what had happened to the water in the pool, but it had gone down inches and the pool filter was beginning to struggle... hmmm.

We go into Montpellier at 1pm... taking the tram (air conditioned and very regular) and go and sort out someone's new internet connection / ansaphone / free call phones and fax machine... more to do for them, but we run out of time as we're off to see Harry Potter at the pictures... and 'A' must get the perfect seat at the movies... right in the middle, not too far forward or back... we're out of the cinema at 1845hrs in time to meet up with everyone for Les Estivales... the wine and tapas tasting near the Corum... it's fab again... worth a visit. It's not on next Friday because of the Tour de France...

Alicia embarrasses us no end, by knocking over one of their huge signs on an easel, smashing a huge piece of glass.. I swear the whole of Montpellier looked around at us. She was unharmed apart from the surprise.

Montpellier was so lively... loads of music and everything lit.. it's a fantastic town.

Above photo of Junas quarry with plane going over....

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