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House for Sale in Anduze

See right: the house on the right has now dropped in price. The owner has already purchased a new property and is very keen to sell.... it's a beautiful house - completely restored and ready to move into. Ideal holiday home - new bathroom and heating... fabulous views from the garden... half a dozen restos within a few minutes walk. No need for a car in Anduze (though you can rent one nearby) so a really reasonable place pricewise to live and if you wanted to rent it out for a little more income for you, it would rent very well. River swimming nearby, great place for walks in the countryside, riding, fishing.


Out this morning to Sommieres market, I'm running around late, no shower, took dogs out, taking calls and checking emails... and what is 'A' doing? standing around waiting for me ... no getting the toddler bag ready (contains food / drink / travel potty / emergency change of clothes in case of accidents / toy / sticker book / you name it including the kitchen sink....) arrggh it drives me nuts. Blooming hot at the market (nobody has remembered to bring the cool bag...) and it's full of tourists trying a bite of every bit of cheese possible at our favourite cheese stall... arrggh... just make up your mind, it's not that difficult!

And I'm not even allowed to stop for a glass of rose with my mates today... bum.

More later... trying to set up my email account with www.expatwomen.com (as I'm now one of their mentors) and need to download some photos. It doesn't look like any estate agents are working today (being a Saturday and being 14th July as nobody is calling me back either.. ) hmm.

Ooh, that pool looks inviting at 31C. Must remember to water the plants in this heat... it seems Summer has arrived.

Photo looking from the Esplanade from the Corum towards the Opera over the place du Comedie in Montpellier.

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