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Immobilier Round Up

A big call around all the estate agents trying to consolidate all for the Homesearch I've been doing.... they don't like doing anything too far in advance... all left to the last minute as per usual.

I order my sister's birthday present today from Amazon: It's OK, I can tell you what it is, as she's on holiday in Ibiza visiting my niece there...

Then I order 'A's' birthday present (July is a busy month), which is a Lego Technic Mobile Crane (yes really) and he knows what he's getting - and I have no fear he'd read my Blog either....

The cleaning lady comes around and does a huge pile of ironing (unfortunately not my ironing...) and somebody else comes and paints more of the gite's bathroom... So quite a busy day today.

Ah, when the builder was trying to get the trailer out of the courtyard this morning (the neighbour had parked in front of the door again) I go out in my slippers with Alicia on my hip to ask her to move the car... while I was two doors down, he squeezes the trailer out and locks the garage door locking me out.. I run after him, while a lorry and a woman in a green VW Beatle are honking madly at him (very small roads here and they can't get by). In exasperation I yell 'ATTEND' and when the builder has gone, two minutes later I'll pulling in the bin and the VW Beatle stops outside and tells me how impolite I am... argggh. And it's one of those moments when you are so astonished you have nothing to say... other than my feeble 'can't you wait 2 seconds?!!!' Pathetic.

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