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Later the same day... Sete and Douglas Kennedy

Well, you already know by now that BritsNimes bookclub book for this month, is The Woman in the Fifth by Douglas Kennedy, well by pure coincidence, Mr Kennedy came to Sete today - having followed the Tour de France from Marseilles to Montpellier. We went to the http://www.laola.fr/ bar which is right on the beach in Sete to see him.

He was interviewed by someone who obviously liked their own voice more than they liked his ... but Douglas was fab speaking French and I really enjoyed it.
They only had books in French to buy (too much like hard work to read in French) and funnily enough (he's American born but lives between London and Paris) his books sell more in France and therefore are published in France before the UK and US.

I was the only English speaker there, we had our books signed and chatted and he invited us to stay with him and his friends for a drink (the table we'd reserved to eat beckoned though...)

The bar / resto was very swish and full of people who were rather overdressed and definitely 'pas d'ici'!! I find it very strange to see women wearing knee length boots in his heat (not to mention jeans - bleuh!) - but hey, I'm not a fashion victim... perhaps I'm out of touch?

Walking back to the car - we walked along this stripy lit up promenade... and then at the end of the prom. there were these lovely lit up fountains. Home gone midnight to email the builders report to my boss for thecompromis the next day..... and somebody had turned off the computer and I had to wait ages for it to come back up again!!!

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