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Montpellier - a real merry-go-round

Off to Montpellier to sort out a duff entryphone to an old building near the station. We are uncertain about a new phone working with an old system and manage to buy the cheapest system and get it half price too... just in case it just doesn't work. In the end after an hour's fiddling, it still doesn't work - just a totally different number of wires for the door release ... hey ho. Back to the syndic. of the building for the second time to ask if they can help. Not even sure if we'll be allowed to fit a whole new system or not.... we'll see.

We also nip 2 mins down the road to the GDF office - and would you believe as the Tour de France arrived in Montpellier yesterday and departed today, they are closed. Unbelievable.

A lovely lunch at l'Entrecote - apart from when I asked a waitress for a second glass for water - she said she wasn't our waitress and to ask the other girl. Great. Why do they wear such short skirts with their uniforms there? Answers on a postcard please to:..........

Over to Homebox to put the Scalextrix (sp?) car racing game into store (it's box is too big for our house) and my wedding dress (what the hell do you do with them when you get divorced?? (more answers on a postcard....)

A lazy afternoon including a snooze follows....

Oh, our client treats Alicia to a ride on the Carousel on the Comedie.

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