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Nimes Night Market & English Teaching

Lisa arrives to spend the day with us today - she's an 11 yr old French girl from Nimes who is keen to speak English as well as her 16 yr old sister. All starts well - Alicia drags her off upstairs to play with her toys... we make a quiche and some chocolate drop muffins and take a walk in Aubais to go to the boulangerie and epicerie - but when Alicia finally crashes for her nap at 3pm we have a rather quiet time - tiring I know trying to concentrate on a foreign language all day.

Thank you Sydney for your kind comments from 19th July ....

Rather last minute we decide to go to the night market in Nimes - in 9 yrs in the area I think I've only been 3 times - each time I think on the last date possible. We meet friends opposite the Maison Carre where one of them is drinking something alcoholic with lots of greenery... so both me and 'A' order one... it's a Mojito... yum.

I want to eat at the Le 9 resto on rue des Etoiles - but not having made a reservation and turning up at 9.30pm we are disappointed. It's looks great inside... canopies and candles in the courtyard. Menu looks OK too. Around Euro18 for a main course so not really cheap.

We end up eating at the Marche du Table on rue Littre. OK, we turned up late at 9.45pm - they gave us nibbles (not drinks - big mistake with Brits.) service was so slow we got home at 1.30am (and it's only half an hour to get home!) 3 courses in the evening Euro33.

Another thing that drives me nuts: Nimes is covered with computerised signs that tell you how many spaces are left in the car parks all over town. Well, they don't work... and I don't think they've ever worked.... Nimes was a nightmare to get into and get out of on Thursday night.

In the end we didn't get to see many market stalls - one which had Barbies all dressed up in wedding dresses looked a bit odd. There was another shop which had Barbies all frocked up in 50's clothes and being sold at Euro100 a pop was another surprise too.

I quite liked the papier mache bulls heads with horns and lizards in all sort of colours. Lots of jewellery too.

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